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Renie Leakakos

Renie Leakakos is a Managing Partner at Leakakos Law and is a detail oriented and entrepreneurial leader who has worked in various business settings as an attorney, manager, and a sales and marketing professional. Originally from Chicago, she moved to Southern California to study business management and psychology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She went on to study law at Loyola Law School. 

Not only does Renie have "traditional" attorney work experience in a law firm setting as an associate and managing partner, she also has extensive hands-on experience working in the corporate arena as General Counsel and VP of Sales and Marketing. Renie has the ability to effectively work with the business entrepreneur, possessing the knowledge, understanding and passion necessary to help and care for the various needs an entrepreneur faces on a daily basis. Throughout her career, she has focused on assisting the small to mid-sized business owner, working with individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, and middle market companies in various industries. 

Renie has a solid civil litigation background, with an emphasis in real property and business litigation. She has litigated numerous real property disputes throughout California, specifically handling complex land use disputes and construction litigation matters. Her extensive litigation experience gives her an edge as she can draft agreements and negotiate transactions with dispute avoidance in mind. Her expertise encompasses the practice areas of real property law, corporate formation and compliance, contract negotiation, investment due diligence and business transactions.

Renie and her colleagues serve as general counsel-at-large for a variety of clients. They provide affordable advice on legal issues so each client can succeed.

Renie Leakakos' legal experience includes: