Business Law

Business law or litigation is an umbrella term for a variety of claims that can be brought or defended against in a court of law, mediation, and/or in an arbitration. Business litigation generally includes people and companies disputing money, rights, contracts, and other property interests. In a dispute with your business partner? Believe an employee or independent contractor has harmed your business in any manner? Owed money for services rendered or dispute a debt owed? Have a judgment against someone but don’t know how to be paid on it? Being sued for allegations of wrongdoing, fraud, or breach of contract? These are just some of the business and contractual legal disputes that fall under the scope of business, commercial and contract litigation.


The backbone of law is the contract. An agreement between two or more people or entities is the foundation of all business and real estate dealings. When entering into agreements, having an attorney advise you and draft the agreement for you (typically for a flat fee) can save time, money, and likely prevent future disputes. After entering into agreements, modification or performance of the terms can lead to disputes. In such situations having an attorney to review, draft and advise you can be invaluable. Renie Leakakos has years of experience negotiating, drafting, editing, and modifying a variety of real estate and business agreements to prevent future disputes as much as possible and allow you to move forward with your business or real estate transaction with confidence.


Civil Litigation

When all other avenues fail, Renie Leakakos can bring her skills as a trial attorney to bear in your case to either prosecute your claims or defend you against claims in the areas of business and real estate. With Renie Leakakos working on your lawsuit you will have an advocate who knows the court system and will walk you through the process from complaint to trial. If there are obstacles and downsides to a choice or a situation in a lawsuit, they will be discussed openly and frankly so you are prepared for both your “best day” as well as your “worst outcome,” prior to making litigation decisions. Renie Leakakos practices preventative law, but when prevention isn’t possible, she will work with you to seek a speedy resolution.


Small Business Packages

At Leakakos Law, APC we recognize the growing need for companies to plan and budget for legal services.  We are sensitive to those needs and offer a variety of Small Business Packages (“SBP”) designed to meet the budget of any company or entrepreneur from start up, to early stage business, to emerging growth company.  SBP provides you with the legal advice and services you need to help your company grow and to protect your business at a price you can afford!


Leakakos Law, APC firmly believes that new and small businesses need legal support just as much as “Big Businesses.”  SBP is designed to be the equalizer for the small business to compete in a global market with the legal team it needs and can actually afford. Your SBP can give you all the benefits of having an attorney on “speed dial” to help you establish a strong legal foundation for your business to maximize growth and minimize legal risk.

Our Packages are designed to grow as your company grows.  We offer three (3) Packages to meet the needs of your business at every stage:

Our Business “Check Up” Package is a great place to start if you either have an existing business or just have a business model in mind and want to get a road map of what your legal needs are and what your priorities should be. Leakakos Law, APC will provide YOU with a blueprint for success!

Our Lean Start-Up Package is perfect for businesses that are just launching and need the basics to get off the ground.  Leakakos Law, APC will assist with the legal protections you need and will support you as a member of YOUR team!

Our Risk Management Package provides flexibility for an existing business that is ready to grow and put in place additional legal due diligence documents to protect the business. This customized Package allows for businesses to get the written contracts they need to get their business running smoothly in an affordable manner. Leakakos Law, APC will be YOUR outside/inside legal counsel and give you freedom and peace of mind so that you can grow your business…you know your business, we know the law!