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Francis Rushford

Francis Rushford, Rushford Law, Intellectual Property, Finance and Technology 

Francis has over 35 years of experience in technology and law. During and prior to law school, he worked for over seven years as an engineer and a product development manager for Texas Instruments. His knowledge and understanding of technology and patents is worldwide and broad ranging, from Integrated Circuits to all implementations of Digital Technology. In the last decade alone, Francis has delivered total revenue well in excess of $2 Billion for his clients.  

Before starting his firm, Francis was an Executive Vice President at ICAP Capital Markets, LLC, and founder of the ICAP Patent Brokerage Desk. The ICAP Patent Brokerage intermediated patents and all other types of Intellectual Property between buyers and sellers. 

Prior to ICAP, Francis was a partner at Christie, Parker & Hale LLP of Pasadena and Newport Beach, California, a leading Intellectual Property Law Firm. He helped leverage their Patent and other Intellectual Property Assets through sales, licensing and litigation. He is also a founder and Managing Director at RSL Holdings, Inc., which is an Intellectual Property business that helps customers monetize their Intellectual Property. 

Prior to returning to California, Francis was a Founder, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Skarven Enterprises, LLC; a successful information and financial processing firm, whose alert and analysis software system has been successfully deployed throughout the Intelligence Community in the United States. Francis and two fellow surviving executives of Cantor Fitzgerald with initial funding of $50 Million founded Skarven. His duties included: architecting and planning the software and computer systems development; identification and acquisition of the Company's technology; recruitment of the people to develop and implement the technology development, and the day to day supervision and direction of a fifty-person business and technical development team in Murray Hill, New Jersey. 

Francis has held the following positions: